Revision Policy

At, we strive to offer only the highest quality for our customers. We are always ready for any revision you might need so that the text material can fully meet your expectations. The first three revisions you request are free as long as our main revision requirements below are met.

  • Instructions: Any instructions you provide should be unambiguous without contradicting your original instructions for the order. Provided our Quality Assurance Department comes to the decision that your initial instructions have in fact been met, your appeal for revision shall not be accepted.
  • Submission: A revision request may be submitted by pressing the “Send for revision” button in your personal account prior to your approval of the text material. So view the document carefully in the preview mode. If the preview mode is unclear because of technical issues, contact our Customer Support Representatives and request an alternative preview. If due to some reason you approved the order but still require a revision, you should contact Customer Support Representatives and provide them with your revision instructions. Additionally, you will have to provide an appropriate time frame. Failing to do so will result in your order not being sent for revision.
  • Deadline: Any of our three free revisions are available to you before hitting the Approve button. After the order approval, however, you have 7 days to ask for a revision. Please note that if your order is more than 20 pages, you can ask for a revision within 14 days after the approval. Your order will be considered as delivered on time if its first draft was not behind schedule.
  • Number of revisions: Three revisions are completely free if they are in tandem with the terms as stated above. Take into account that you can give us any number of instructions for revisions in every message.

In situations wherein your instructions fail to comply with the above terms and in cases where you might have already made use of the three revisions, you must make an entirely new order for editing/proofreading and give clear specifications of the changes that need to be executed.

You are given 14 days to approve a revised document. This time is arrived at from the instant the final version was uploaded into your personal account. Once this time has passed, the order is approved automatically.

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